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Vine guide was an idea born after our founder and chief wine drinker, Cassie, found herself surrounded by family and friends always wanting to know more about the wines they were drinking. Whether at a restaurant, or backyard BBQ, wine has the ability to bring people together and really set the mood for a celebration or event. 

Almost everyone all over the world drinks wine but knows relatively little about it. Vine Guide's aim is to help you drink wine better. We aim to help you understand your personal preferences, decode the pompous wine-speak and how to use that knowledge to buy, and drink, more delicious wine. 

Our events are both educational and enjoyable. Your Vine Guide will arrive around 20 minutes prior to your events' start time to set up your area. All you will need to provide is tables/benches and chairs (if doing a seated tasting). We provide everything else such as; glassware (wine & water), tasting placemats, stationary, bottled water, spittoons and of course the wine!

We then host your event and take you on a guided tour of the wines. And best of all, we leave you with the remaining wine to enjoy while we clean up and take our dishes with us.  

What you will drink depends on which package you have chosen, but our standard package generally includes 3 white and 3 red wines from around the world. A sample list is below:

  1. Sauvignon blanc (New Zealand)

  2. Riesling (Germany)

  3. Chardonnay (Western Australia)

  4. Pinot noir (Tasmania)

  5. Nebbiolo (Victoria)

  6. Shiraz (France)

What you will learn depends on how much you want to learn. Your Vine Guide can tailor the learning component to suit your event. But we promise, there will be no boring lectures,  snobbery or unnecessary jargon. Areas of interest include:

  • How to properly swirl, sniff and sip wine

  • How to pair wine & food

  • How to buy a delicious bottle of wine in a bottle shop

  • How to select wine like a pro from a restaurant wine list (and no its not the second cheapest option, or the most expensive either)

  • What effect does soil, weather and wine making have on wine

Along with anything else you and your guests want decoded or explained.

The entire event is all about having fun with your group, while learning all the things about wine that you have always wanted to know. 

About: About

Enjoy a guided tasting and learn how to buy wine that will impress even your snobbiest wine friends. 





Fun bit 

Cassie is a bubbly, fun-loving, wine drinking social butterfly who loves to teach people about her passion, wine.

Boring bit

WSET level 2 (currently studying level 3)

Court of Master Sommelier course

Bachelor of Business 

Cellar door extraordinaire

Vineyard & winery experience

With a military, medical & hospitality background

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